Fulfilled and Fabulous 

Over 40

Embracing Midlife and Discovering What's Next!


Norma has a life coaching practice in South-Africa helping women all over the world to realise their potential, live a life of meaning and expand what they think is possible in their lifetime. Her passion is to help women see their worth, value and enoughness.

She has taken a God-centered approach, combined it with personal growth & development and transformed her own life. Today she teaches other women to create mental, physical and spiritual wellness through this approach. 

To contact Norma go to www.normasimons.com or hello@normasimons.com

Carrie Allemeersch podcast host and Life Coach 

Carrie is a Christian podcast host and general life coach living in BC Canada.  She teaches women how they can enjoy their relationships without dragging family members to therapy. 

Learn how to get unstuck, leave bitterness, grief, false guilt and feelings of shame behind so that you can live a life that you love! 

To contact Carrie go to www.carrieallemeersch.com or email  carrieallemeersch@gmail.com